Patient Participation Group

What is the purpose of a PPG?

  • To give patients the opportunity to provide feedback and views of patients
  • To provide a confidential space for all patients to voice their concerns
  • To support activities and events within the practice
  • To develop projects and events within the practice
  • To promote health care and communication between patient and practice
  • To gather feedback on health services delivered in the practice
  • To be a critical friend

What are the patient benefits of a PPG?

  • Patients take an active role in their own health
  • Understand better how the practice works
  • Are better informed and able to influence what is happening in the practice

The PPG is not:

  • A forum for complaints
  • A vehicle for people to resolve their own personal issues
  • A doctors’ fan club

The PPG is always looking at ways to improve the patient experience and care. It is important that patients understand the issues faced by the practice and are able to contribute to how the practice works. We are very keen to involve patients from all backgrounds. The group meets regularly at about six week intervals for about one hour. Your involvement and contributions will be valued.

If you are interested in joining this group, please complete our Patient Participation Group Registration form. Alternatively, please contact Noshaba Akhter (Practice Manager) at the surgery on 0161 271 3040.

Some of the photos from the very successful Help to Better Health open day organised by our members.