Attached Staff

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Our advanced nurse practitioners are highly qualified and are able to prescribe for most minor ailments so you do not always need to see the doctor.

Musculoskeletal First Contact Practitioners

They are clinicians whose expertise is in dealing with bone, joint or muscle pains.

You can book an appointment with them directly through your GP reception staff without needing to see your GP first.

They have the knowledge and ability to assess you and diagnose what’s happening.

They can advise on how to best manage your condition and refer you onto specialist services if necessary.

MIND Counsellor

Our counsellor holds clinics at the surgery – you can book directly into one of her clinics without seeing a GP first. If you are experiencing anxiety or depression then please ring 0161 271 3040 to book your appointment.

Health Visitor

Tel: 0161 4704 200

District Nurse

Tel: 0161 357 5190 option 3


The midwife runs a weekly antenatal clinic and provides domino care. Under the right circumstances they will book home confinements. Please contact them as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Tel: 0161 652 5811

From December 2019 we are able to offer a new service which will provide help and support issues which may affect your health. Our designated support worker is able to offer help in areas such as housing benefits, benefit access, debt management, family related problems or mental health conditions.