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Smoking contributes up to one in ten deaths every year worldwide, a figure which easily eclipses the combined number of deaths caused by terrorism, vehicle accidents, alcohol-related diseases, firearms-related fatalities, hunger and drug use. In the United Kingdom alone, over 86,000 people die annually due to smoking-related diseases.

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Whether going it alone, using telephone support, e-cigarettes, app’s or medications, there’s lots of helpful information to boost your chance of quitting. No single way is best, choose whichever option is right for you.


Quit with help

Everyone has a different reason for quitting, get a personalised Quit Smoking Plan.



You’re more likely to quit with the right support. Find the combination that’s right for you in just 3 easy steps.


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Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health. Join the 300,000 people in the UK that have already #QuitforCOVID.